Security above all else

Security matters! We consider stewardship of your personal information to be our greatest honor and responsibility.

I built Money Habits to be an app that I want to use personally and the first users of it were my extended family. Everything I do for the app starts with considering the security implications for my and my family's data. I take the golden rule of data seriously – “Treat others data as you want your own to be treated.”

Stephen Bateman
Creator of Money Habits

No bank credentials

We don’t store your bank login. We use a top-notch data integration partner called Plaid, the same company who power the payments infrastructure for apps like Venmo, Sofi, and Carvana.

Bank-level encryption

The transaction data we do store is encrypted at rest. In the unlikely event of a database breach, the database would be useless for mining data.

We don‘t access your sensitive data

Every person who works on Money Habits commits to not accessing your personal data without your prior written consent. The only reason we would ever need to access your data would be for specific support requests.

We don‘t sell your data, ever

Many popular personal finance apps make their money by selling your data to advertisers. We don‘t

You don't have to worry about money. I believe it's possible to have unusual confidence with money by implementing a few simple habits that only take a few minutes per week.

The Money Habits app helps you track spending, save money, and plan for the future.

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Also, I wrote a book. Beyond just making an app, there was so much to cover about how to handle money. In the book, I tell my money story of paying off $107,000 in debt and explain how to make a budget.

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