Big Ben

“Budgeting shouldn’t be a pain in the a$$”

– Ben Franklin

P.S. Money Habits helps you track spending, save money, and plan for the future. Try it for free!

Track four key categories — Need, Want, Give, Plan.

Life is too short to waste time managing a “Haircut” category. Instead, we like to keep things simple.


$760 remaining of $950


$375 remaining of $750


$150 remaining of $500


$500 remaining of $500

Your budget should help you be ambitious.

Get your degree

Replace the clunker

Save for his future, too

Take a dream vacation

Pay off student loans

Retire like a boss

Road trip Italy

Planning is not for pinching pennies. Rather, planning will help you spend more time doing things you love with people you love.

This will be a piece of cake. Each week, we send you a personalized review with a full picture of how you are doing for the month.

All you have to do is swipe right. 😂

Excel template

Spreadsheets, if you want. Money Habits can connect Excel to a live feed of your transaction data.

Never manually import transactions again!

Also, I wrote a book. Beyond just making an app, there was so much to cover about how to handle money. In the book, I tell my money story of paying off $107,000 in debt and explain how to make a budget.

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Big Ben

Stop worrying about money and start managing it.

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